These instructions are for all participants giving a talk at the IROS 2021 main conference, including plenary and keynote talks. For workshop presentations, see INSTRUCTIONS FOR SPEAKERS – WORKSHOPS.


  1. Login
  2. Connection test
  3. Presenting live
  4. Instructions for audience
  5. File upload
  6. Contacting technical support


Once you have registered for IROS 2021 and activated your account, you can log in to gCon. If you have completed the IEEE Copyright Transfer (eCF) through PaperPlaza for all your submissions, your account is already activated and you can proceed directly. To log in, follow the diagram below.

Login Diagram

Connection test

Before your active participation in a live session, check that your computer meets the technical requirements: good internet connection, supported Internet browser, and sound and video check. Make sure that you are using a supported browser. Mozilla Firefox is NOT supported. Depending on your role, there are two ways to make the check as shown in the diagram below.

Test Diagram

From the last page of the SPEAKERS READY ROOM, you can access a demo by clicking the Preview - speaker button at the bottom. The following window will display and you can explore the functionality of the individual controls on the top right. Note the difference between the Questions and Chat tabs. The former is meant for live questions from the audience during the session, while the latter serves as a communication channel between the chairs, the speakers, and the live stream operator, if need be.

Preview Speaker List

Presenting live

Enter the live stream through MY REMOTE PARTICIPATION 10 minutes before your session starts. A live stream operator will be ready to give you instructions and support you during the session streaming if need be. The voice of the operator is not broadcast to the audience.

Live Stream Diagram

Once your presentation slot starts, the live stream operator will display your uploaded slides. At this moment, the broadcast of the presentation to the audience has started. You can start presenting and control the slides using the keyboard arrows or the on-screen buttons. You can use the mouse as a pointer.

After your spotlight talk (2 minutes), the session chair will read questions from the audience. In the plenary and keynote sessions, the chair may also invite audience to ask questions live, using their camera and microphone. This feature is not available in regular technical sessions where the audience types the questions in the questions box.

After your session ends, enter your break-out room, called MEET THE SPEAKER AFTER SESSION room in the program. These rooms enable the speakers and audience to continue a discussion after the session is finished (as it is often the case at an in-person conference). These breakout rooms can be accessed via Detailed program as shown below. Meet Speaker Room In the information window of the presentation, the room is displayed in the Virtual rooms tab. The Enter button is enabled at the scheduled time. Meet Speaker Room Entry These virtual rooms remain open for 20 minutes. If you need to attend the next session, feel free to leave the break-out room earlier.

Instructions for audience

Please read the INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUDIENCE for guidelines on exploring the program and interacting with other participants.

File upload

To upload your files, follow the diagram below:

  • Upload your pre-recorded video (file name: video-presentation.mp4, max. 15 min, max. 200 MB) using the Upload documents button. The pre-recorded video will be visible to all participants immediately after upload. It can be deleted and uploaded again if needed. You are welcome to accompany your video with subtitles in VTT (preferred) or SRT format. The subtitles file should have the same filename as the video (e.g., video-presentation.vtt). Deadline: September 5, 2021, 23:59 PST. Video format details and preparation guidelines can be found at the IROS website.
  • Upload your spotlight presentation slides (PPTX/PDF, recommended 3-4 slides - presentation time 2 minutes + 4 minutes Q&A) through the Upload slides button. Deadline: September 12, 2021, 23:59 PST. Until the deadline, you can reupload your presentation if needed. After the deadline, manual presentation approval will take place, and you can no longer modify the presentation. Important: These slides will be broadcast during your live session and you will be able to control the presentation (back/forward/pointer).
  • Your paper, digest slide, and attachment video (if any) are already available in your talk's Documents tab.

Presentation Diagram

Contacting technical support

The technical support is available through HELPDESK. Use the Chat or Videochat tab to communicate directly with the support team. Your question will be added to the support queue and the support team will reply as soon as possible. You can leave the chat and return to it at any time. You can have the chat open in a separate browser window while still watching the live stream or visiting other parts of the online event.