Instructions on this page apply to authors of accepted late breaking results posters.


  1. Login
  2. Presenting live
  3. Instructions for audience
  4. Poster upload
  5. Contacting technical support


Once you have registered for IROS 2021 and activated your account, you can log in to gCon. To log in, follow the diagram below.

Login Diagram

Presenting live

Enter your virtual room at the scheduled time. You are expected to present your poster using the screen sharing feature and answer the questions of the audience. You will be able to choose whether to share the whole screen (recommended if you have two or more screens) or a specific window (recommended if you have only one screen). The poster rooms can be accessed via Posters as shown below. Poster Room In the information window of the presentation, the room is displayed in the Virtual rooms tab. The Enter button is enabled at the scheduled time. Poster Room Entry In the virtual room, watch the timer at the bottom. Once the scheduled time expires, the room closes automatically.

Instructions for audience

Please read the INSTRUCTIONS FOR AUDIENCE for guidelines on exploring the program and interacting with other participants.

Poster upload

  • Upload your poster (PDF) through the Upload poster button. Deadline: September 5, 2021, 23:59 PST. Until the deadline, you can reupload your poster if needed. After the deadline, manual poster approval will take place, and you can no longer modify the poster. Important: If your poster has a live virtual room session, you will be using the screen sharing feature for the live presentation of your poster. This is to ensure the best interaction with the audience. The uploaded poster serves for on-demand viewing only.
  • Optionally, you can upload additional on-demand materials using the Upload documents button. These materials will be visible to all participants immediately after upload. They can be deleted and uploaded again if needed.

Poster Diagram

Contacting technical support

The technical support is available through HELPDESK. Use the Chat or Videochat tab to communicate directly with the support team. Your question will be added to the support queue and the support team will reply as soon as possible. You can leave the chat and return to it at any time. You can have the chat open in a separate browser window while still watching the live stream or visiting other parts of the online event.