1. General guidelines
  2. Chairs in technical sessions
  3. Plenary, keynote, and workshop chairs
  4. Chairs in award sessions

General guidelines


  • The supported browsers are listed in the SPEAKERS READY ROOM, please, check well in advance.
  • Each session is assisted by a live stream operator who talks to the chairs if needed, controls the stream, and switches to the next presenter.

Several days in advance:

  • Watch all the pre-recorded video presentations of your session. Prepare a few questions that you can ask to the speakers in case the audience has no questions.
  • If possible, attend another session prior to yours to get acquainted with the workflow from the audience perspective.
  • Go to the SPEAKERS READY ROOM to test the connection. Use the same hardware and network as you plan to use for the session(s) you will chair.
  • See the demo of chairing a session. It can be accessed from the last page of the SPEAKERS READY ROOM test using the Preview - chair button at the bottom. The following window will display and you can explore the functionality of the individual controls on the top right. Note the difference between the Questions and Chat tabs. The former is meant for live questions from the audience during the session, while the latter serves as a communication channel between the chairs, the speakers, and the live stream operator, if need be.

Preview Chair List

A few hours in advance:

  • Print or copy to a file the list of talks and speakers in the session so that you have it ready during the session (as a backup).
  • Go through the Discussions of the individual papers to collect questions that you may ask in case the audience does not have any questions during the live event.

10 minutes before the session starts:

  • Enter the live session through MY REMOTE PARTICIPATION 10 minutes before the session starts. The live stream operator will be ready there to give you instructions and support you during the session streaming. The voice of the operator is not broadcast to the audience.
  • Agree with the session co-chair who will chair what part of the session. Note that the roles of the two chairs are identical even if they are sometimes called chair and co-chair. The more experienced one would typically start the session.
  • Speakers who are already present appear green in the right pane. If some speakers are not present on time, start the session anyway, do not wait!

Once the operator starts broadcasting the live stream:

  • Welcome the audience, introduce yourself and directly announce the first talk (be brief, the timing is tight).
  • The operator will switch to the next presenter once you announce the next talk.
  • Stick to the program timing, i.e. do not allow speakers to take more time than their slot allows. In the event of a no-show, wait until the next talk scheduled starting time (to enable session hopping for the audience). You can fill the time in various ways, e.g., ask the audience to ask questions to the previous speakers. To keep track of the time, check the timer to the left of the Program icon.

Specific instructions

Chairs in technical sessions

  • gCon features break-out rooms – called MEET THE SPEAKER AFTER SESSION rooms in the program – to enable the speakers and audience to continue a discussion after the session is finished (as it is often the case at an in-person conference). The chair may announce the rooms at the end of the session and explain to the audience how to go there to continue talking with the speaker. This makes sense especially in situations when the chair had to terminate a discussion due to the lack of time. These breakout rooms can be accessed via Detailed program as shown below. Meet Speaker Room In the information window of the presentation, the room is displayed in the Virtual rooms tab. The Enter button is enabled at the scheduled time. Meet Speaker Room Entry

Plenary, keynote, and workshop chairs

  • The Ask Live feature allows the audience to join the live stream and ask a question using their camera and microphone. As a chair, you control when the Ask Live button is available to the audience. To enable/disable the Ask Live feature, use the switch marked red in the screenshot below. To give the floor to a person from the audience who wants to ask a question, use the buttons on the right (marked blue below). A good practice is enabling the Ask Live feature once the talk is over and the Q&A starts and disabling it when the next talk is about to start.
  • We suggest first giving the floor to the live questions (if any), and then read the questions that have been typed in the Questions box during or after the talk.

Preview Chair Ask Live

Chairs in award sessions

  • Each award should be presented by an award committee chair. If not present, please take it over and present it from the slides.
  • All the finalists are invited into the award session but only the award winner is expected to talk shortly after the announcement. (We list all the finalists as speakers are visible in the program and we do not want to leak the winner.)
  • If the winner is not present on-line, run the pre-recorded video from the slides.
  • Keep an eye on the time as the schedule is tight. Each award has approx. 4 minutes in total.